March 1st

We started March 2016 with the symbols of spring. We have opened the doors to the children from “Casuta Bucuriei” who brought us trinkets made by their own hands Trinkets made from the heart! They have inevitably drawn our attention. Some of these small jewelry are handcrafted and personalized by those who love creative things.

We thank our colleagues from BRINEL for the mobilization they have shown in such a short time. Through everyone’s purchases, we brought a smile on the faces of the children from "Casuta Bucuriei", who have managed to gather a nice amount of money from the sale of the objects, but also a few sweets.

Colors and playful shapes accompanied by the traditional white and red threads decorated our offices! If the pictures with the wonderful objects created by the hands of the little ones caught your attention, you can find them on Facebook or on the website:
We continue to support this social cause by which we have once again demonstrated that we are a team.

Be generous with others and the universe will be generous with you!
A colorful spring with joy and passion!

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