Exceptional Exhibition at BRINEL

Spring finally arrived! BRINEL opened its doors at the end of February for a exhibition with trinkets made by children with hearing and visual disabilities from the Derzelas Association. The little ones have delighted our eyes with all kind of shapes and colors: snowdrops, butterflies, lady-bugs and many more have decorated our meeting room and bring us happiness and joy.

Colleagues from BRINEL were excited about the little artists works which is why this year most of them chose to offer special trinkets to their loved ones, colored by children's hands in order to help them in this development direction, so important to them.

We are glad that we had this lovely moment with the members of the association and the children, and we will always remember the pride with which each of them marked their artwork: "Yes, I made this!" We wanted to support them further, and if you want to help them too,  you can find them here

This collaboration has given us the opportunity to make known the desire, talent and dedication with which the children worked at the Derzelas workshops, afterwords, their merits being recognized. For young people, it was the confirmation that their achievements are appreciated and rewarded, thus increasing their confidence in their own strengths and in their capacity for socio-professional integration, confirmed by the achievement of these valuable and appreciated things. Liana Cristina Salcudean, President Derzelas Association. 

Together we bring Spring into the heart! 

Author: Flavia Dan

Categories: CSR

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