What happens in Barcelona, everyone has to know!

We are again in amazing Barcelona, ​​this time at Mobile World Congres 2015! Last year there were 85,000 participants, this year are expected more. It is clear to everyone that the exhibition area has increased by 10%, but will it reach 100,000 participants? Everyone hopes, but they are afraid to ask out loud, from fear that will not happen . Let me give you an example of MWC: the day before the congress began, the tail of the participants' signups for those who had already completed the home process (Fast Track) was about 400 people. All Barcelona is living for this congress: there are special signs on the subway, the special bridge installed for pedestrians across the intersection from the front of the exhibition complex.

But enough with Barcelona, ​​let's get in the complex. Hosted on the surface of 8 pavilions, MWC2015 manages to assemble around everything related to mobility: from mobile phones, tablets, video cameras, applications accessories, antennas, professional video surveillance systems; from telephony companies to motor vehicles designed to operate without driver; from home automation to smart watches and mobile devices that work under water; from small start-ups to major technology manufacturers. Let's not forget that just at the start of the MWC, Samsung launched its new S6 "flagship". At anything you can think about, you can found it here.



But let me share with you two things that have left me with my mouth open: The presentation of Windows 10 (and its small edges) and Mark Zuckerberg's speech.

So let's start with the presentation of Windows 10. Of course, those who have watched this topic already know that Windows 10 is designed to provide a unified experience on all Windows devices. But interestingly, these devices, we do not just meet only at: desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone, but we also encounter Surface Hub, Xbox, HoloLens and Raspbery. So Internet of Things ... here I come. But how do you do that? How you unify the operating system and especially why? Well, the explanation is quite simple: the more you manage to provide a core of the common operating system, the easier it will be for application developers to deliver unified applications across multiple devices.Wait, do not shot in me, experienced developers who know that this is not possible! You know you need more projects (Each for the device you want to deploy) to made an application. Stay like you have not seen Visual Studio 2015 yet. Those present at MWC had the opportunity to see for the first time a demonstration of Visual Studio 2015 and to see the new functions of changing the menu display mode according to the screen resolution. Practically, they have brought the "responsive design" at the application level, so you can make an application that works in all Windows 10-based devices.

Secondly, I want to talk to you about Mark Zuckerberg speech, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Facebook.

The discussion which he had with the people around him weren’t about us. They talked about Africa, South America, Asia. But, even if he didn’t mention about our country, two very interesting topics came up: the first is about the users who do not feel the need of the Internet, namely those who did not grow up with their PC / Laptop / Tablet and internet connection in their arms, and how to make them want a data plan attached to the phone subscription. And here Mark comes up with a proposal to globalize the project that aims to connect people around the world. But of course, these people will not connect for two reasons: they have not why, and it's expensive. Then switched to issue number two: not only should the internet be cheaper, but also the subscription to mobile data with the included data plan should be free. So a silence lay in some parts of the hall ... and in other parts people were joyful. Of course he also had the answer to the moderator's next question: Well, well, but after all, why would there be Internet service providers? From what will they live if they do after you say? And the answer was: by selling the databases on the consumption habits of their subscribers. And the roar of the hall was followed by the moderator's documented reply: but this is not allowed due to the regulations in force. With the same smile on his lips, Mark replied: and the regulations will have to evolve. So free internet writes today in any chronicle about MWC2015.


And last but not least, the thing that amazes me most is the number of cameras, cameramen, photographers and reporters!


Ovidiu Teodorescu

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