Microsoft Convergence Europe 2014, Barcelona, 4-5-6 November, Day I

Ovidiu Teodorescu

Correspondent, by your will: Microsoft Convergence Europe 2014

It’s customer time!

In rainy Barcelona (I know, many will say it is not, but I can show the opposite) it's happening Microsoft Convergence Europe 2014. It is the most important business event of the year for the Microsoft Dynamics community. That's why, we wanted to keep you up to date with the latest news from here.

"Les connaisseurs" will recognize Casa Bruno Cuadros from La Rambla, Barcelona this time under the rain!

The day begins with "keynote speech", the presentation of Kirill Tatarinov, President of Microsoft Business Solutions (THE big boss of Dynamics!) that talks about Microsoft's orientation and how the Microsoft Business Solution family (in Romania, we have Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM) integrates the Microsoft idea of ​​a productivity platform provider. And you know what? He is right! How else would you close the platforms, products and business processes circle without the Dynamics family? 

And if we look closer at this circle, we will realize the following:  

  • Microsoft Cloud Platform (some would say Azure, but it's actually more); Microsoft is in top 5 global suppliers, among firsts in the top with prizes, certifications, security and audits;  
  • Office 365: Office is the world's most used office product family (with or without a license). And today no one is able to claim this crown!    
  • Microsoft Dynamics: the family of products through which you can manage business processes within a company.   

But all of this is provided by Microsoft with one goal: to focus on business! In other words, to see your business grow. More specifically, by those who generate your business, by CLIENTS!   

I did nor hear this idea for the first time. "It's customer time!". For the first time I saw it in a presentation of Marcel (Marcel Borodi, CEO of Brinel) few weeks ago, when he explained that the time of cutting costs has past, giving up of business unprofitable parts and expensive departments and it's time to focus on those who bring profit: clients. And I do not want you to think that "I'am quoting the classics", but clients are the ones who bring you most of the opportunities. 

What Kirill says is not a rare philosophy, unimaginable until him, but it's a truth that few people say. And to make your choice easier, Kirill says that those from Microsoft are the only ones in the world who offers you the full circle: business applications, and the most used office tools, in the safest cloud (or at least among the safest) in the world. Indeed, he is right. No app or cloud provider/producer offers the synergy of those three. So the natural question (which Kirill did not put) is: what are you waiting for? 

But surprises aren't over, by the way, have you seen how Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 looks, consumed directly from Microsoft Azure with the tablet client user? It's really, as Microsoft says: sexy! More about what NAV 2015 brings, in the next episode. 

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