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Delivering in record time, optimal costs, advanced security. These are the goals that today's organizations are pursuing. We are in 2014, society has become a huge market for consumer, and technological transformations are getting faster and more significant. The real professionals make all kind effort to adapt to change, to evolve and to refine by trying to find optimal solutions to satisfy their customers. 

Modern organizations want their products or services to reach the market fast because decisions need to be taken quickly. Now there is less time for updating and synchronizing data or for endless discussions having the purpose of analyzing existing information.

The destination of available funds is multiple, that's why it is very important for organizations to decide what is the most cost-effective, more urgent and more efficient. From this perspective, another goal for companies is for their projects to generate attractive business opportunities and to be efficient from costs perspective.

 At the same time, companies want to protect critical data and get maximum benefit from investments.

Yes, the expectations are very high, but the good news is that there are solutions to reach all these goals. You need professional, practical solutions and structured according to the parameters of the market, but which also respect the trends of the moment. The Enterprise trends that we can relate to now are: 

  • MOBILITY - “Reverse BYOD-Bring Your Own Device” - Where the employee owns mobile devices and the company generates business directions;

  • SOCIAL - “Enterprise Social”- differentiation in business through the social media channels;

  • CLOUD - “Cloud Computing”- new business models in cloud; 
  • CONSUMERIZATION - “Consumer company”-  customer satisfaction generates long-term business; 

  • BIG DATA - “Internet of Things”- becomes reality, and the useful information must be differentiated of the one that can be ignored.

Each company is viewed as an amorphous construction based on employees, clients and partners, feels attracted by the CLOUD environment. Its mobility and the "world-wide" consumerism of the services it offers seem to be the key elements in line with the needs of the modern organization. 

Following these trends, Microsoft has invested and continues to invest in cloud infrastructure, the involved resources being:  

* + 15 billions $,

* + 200 services provided 27X7,

* Globally distributed data centers,

* fast modular model, 

* + 30.000 engineers involved in cloud activities,

* + 3.000 technicians for operations and architecture. 


Evolution goes further, and from the desire to make Cloud services accessible to all companies that experience these needs, Microsoft has created MICROSOFT CLOUD. The adopted strategy is a very clear one, the established points being the unified management, integrated virtualization, complex data platform and, last but not least, common identity. 

The main features of the Cloud platform hosted in Microsoft Data Centers are: 

  • flexible infrastructure;
  • Geo-Scalable and  reliable; 
  • management and permanent control; 
  • reduced capital and operational costs;
  • security and confidentiality; 
  • unifying all devices. 

On the other hand, companies that use Cloud services benefit from a range of services and tools designed to increase their performance: 

• Building and managing scalable and permanently available applications and interfaces;

•   Modern Cloud architecture for applications that respond faster and never get stuck;

•   Automated and continuous monitoring and customized alert system;

•   Autoscaling for optimizing costs and performance.  

BRINEL, as a Microsoft, offers you these solutions and even more. We invite you to contact us, and in addition you will benefit from a few elements that will surely be of real help!


1. Your Personal Consultant 

Through BRINEL you can test and you can get all the information you need.

2. Dedicated services in Romanian

Benefit from the assistance of a specialist throughout the implementation and use of the services. 

3. Financial flow in Romania (invoice and payment)

Get rid of currency influences and bank fees in foreign currency. 

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