A Cloud for everyone – Microsoft Cloud

Delivering in record time, optimal costs, advanced security. These are the goals that today's organizations are pursuing. We are in 2014, society has...

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The core of every successful business!

This article's purpose is to take you on a short trip to find out how to become a company focused on what brings guaranteed success, namely: the...

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Cloud Computing (part 2)

In order to fully benefit from the opportunities offered by Cloud Computing, we need a good understanding of the benefits that it offers. Is it...

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BRINEL Blog – Behind the curtain

Do you still remember how BRINEL blog started? We do. It was nothing more than an idea, a concept we were talking about in the meeting rooms that...

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Exceptional Exhibition at BRINEL

Spring finally arrived! BRINEL opened its doors at the end of February for a exhibition with trinkets made by children with hearing and visual...

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Budget - impossible mission? It is no longer the case!

We start the series "Welcome to the Year of Productivity!" With a first subject, here, dedicated to analyzes and budgeting. 

So, do you start...

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Welcome to the Productivity Year!

We invite you to join us in the Productivity Year to find answers to the questions you face every year and, most of the time, with the same result. 


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We are in Santa’s team!

Santa Claus comes with quick steps and brings with him the moment when we have to close the monitors, finish the day, make the balance of the...

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Tips&Tricks- Microsoft Word 2013

Nowadays, we are all a part of an informational vortex that impresses with its volume and availability. What is missing, however, is the detail. For...

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013- Choose the right ERP!

The 2013 version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV comes with a number of improvements over the previous version, by being of increased complexity. 


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