And it was ... Microsoft Summit 2013! 

On November 6th and 7th, 2013, we had the opportunity to participate at Microsoft Summit 2013. There have been two days in which I learned a lot of...

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IT, storytelling (from a trainer's experience)

When we talk about IT we often limit ourselves to technological discussions coded by specialized language. This time, however, we offer you a fun...

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Star Trek or Reality?

Cloud people working

"My employees work efficiently in the office, even if the “Electrica”/”Enel” cut off the electrical power for 2 hours!" What do you think about...

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BRINEL Hand in Hand 2013

The October month is about BRINEL celebration! It is the month when the anniversary event takes place and we prepare for it, since the sunny days of...

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Databases optimization in Sharepoint

Any stored file in Sharepoint is saved in a SQL database as unstructured data that requires an additional effort in querying or defining relationships...

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Cash Flow in Dynamics NAV 2013

Any financial department can extract almost instantly a CashFlow report. But, when it comes to forecasts (CashFlowForecast), things get more...

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BI in Dynamics Nav 2013

Companies, no matter of their size, are accumulating daily a growing mass of data. This data comes from the company's activities and reflects sales,...

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BRINEL, football and IT

Besides projects and deadlines, June month marked another important moment in the sport history of BRINEL. Therefore, our IT professionals have...

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Certainty or hope?

How not to choose an ERP correctly 

For a couple of years we've learned from some extraordinary Canadians from Salesworks (thank you, Ross!) about an...

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Cloud Wireless Management, part II

Hands-On Cisco Meraki Access Point - part two

In the previous article, we discussed about the configuration options of a wireless network by using...

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