Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013- Choose the right ERP!

The 2013 version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV comes with a number of improvements over the previous version, by being of increased complexity. 


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Cash Flow in Dynamics NAV 2013

Any financial department can extract almost instantly a CashFlow report. But, when it comes to forecasts (CashFlowForecast), things get more...

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BI in Dynamics Nav 2013

Companies, no matter of their size, are accumulating daily a growing mass of data. This data comes from the company's activities and reflects sales,...

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Certainty or hope?

How not to choose an ERP correctly 

For a couple of years we've learned from some extraordinary Canadians from Salesworks (thank you, Ross!) about an...

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Top 10 Criteria to choose an ERP


Many of those who have been in a position to choose an ERP have tried to creat a list of selection criteria. Many times I have been asked, "What...

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