My name is Cloud, AZURE Cloud

Whatever our mioritic sky of clearness, we have concluded that he is good with a CLOUD, well positioned, to which all the breath to look up and...

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Microsoft Convergence Europe 2014 Barcelona, 4-5-6 November

For the last day I kept the NAV features. Convergence is abundant in sessions devoted to Nav 2015 functionalities (even if some of them are already...

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Microsoft Convergence Europe 2014 Barcelona, 4-5-6 November. Day II

Ovidiu Teodorescu,

Correspondent, by your will: Microsoft Convergence Europe 2014

Microsoft Dynamics Nav: on Azure, in Office 365!

If yesterday I...

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Microsoft Convergence Europe 2014, Barcelona, 4-5-6 November, Day I

Ovidiu Teodorescu

Correspondent, by your will: Microsoft Convergence Europe 2014

It’s customer time!

In rainy Barcelona (I know, many will say it...

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Advantages of Connecting ERP Information System to Process Computers (PCS)

In attempt to maximize automation of the input / output operations, in and from the IT system,, in order to maximize its performance, ERP is connected...

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Cloud Security

This article is actually a processing of an uploaded video on Youtube in which Vivek Sharma talks about security in the Microsoft cloud, combined with...

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We make dreams come true again

We are continuing the collaboration with our friends from Maria-Gabriel Children's House this year as well, to help them fulfill some of their...

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A Cloud for everyone – Microsoft Cloud

Delivering in record time, optimal costs, advanced security. These are the goals that today's organizations are pursuing. We are in 2014, society has...

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The core of every successful business!

This article's purpose is to take you on a short trip to find out how to become a company focused on what brings guaranteed success, namely: the...

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Cloud Computing (part 2)

In order to fully benefit from the opportunities offered by Cloud Computing, we need a good understanding of the benefits that it offers. Is it...

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