BRINEL Digital Tools

BRINEL Digital Tools

In the new Digital Era, the tools that help a company or an institution interact with both its employees and business partners are progressively faster and easier to use and maintain.

Based on over 29 years experience and the power of cloud technologies, BRINEL offers you a set of digital tools that improves interaction with your own employees, customers and partners.

The most important resources for a company are clients and their own employees. That is why we are proposing you a set of 3 digital tools that will streamline your business activities.
Because western markets are more advanced and developed regarding to digital instruments, BRINEL’s vision is to bring the particularities from western Europe instruments and to adapt them to Romanian markets.
Based on Microsoft's most used office suite, we have been able to focus our work on providing practical, easy-to-use and easy-to- maintain features that will also reduce the necessary technology investment.

The first version of our tools covers a set of three important activities for a company: contract management, customer support management, and employees management.

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