Manage team activities more easily!

Employee Management Center

a dashboard that offers multiple information in different windows to work easier and more efficient:

The team members status. Easily gets in contact with them through included communication feature;
Consumption / vacation availability;
The current vacation planning based on differences between: required / approved / rejected;
Tasks to achieve / accomplish;
New discussions occurred in your work team.

Based on Microsoft 365

& SharePoint!

Up & Running in less than

5 days!

High availabily: 99.99%,

from anywhere and from any device!


Starting from 4 euro/user/month!


Employee Management Center


Manage team's activities 

Vacation-request form
Vacation-request form

The functionality is based on a standard application form for leave. The employee fill the form with the required fields (replacement person and period). Then, the application will follow the verification and approval predefined flow.

Approval flow
Approval flow

It monitors and controls how the vacation application will precede the predefined verification and approval flow from the applicant to substitute and then to the manager. It shows the application status in different colors. Then, predefined emails will notify users that have actions to pursue


You can define the required actions flow for integration of a new employee within a team / a company and track its status.



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