Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

- turn contacts into clients -

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management that allows us to provide a complete view of each client or partner from the moment of the interaction, up to signing the contract and then by  maintaining a continuous relation with them.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution is a scalable, performant, flexible and perfectly integrated with Microsoft Office Outlook. It can be implemented at the customer’s headquarters, used in Microsoft subscription mode or by using Data Center services provided by BRINEL.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Earn customers for life

Automation of marketing activities

Allows segmentation of actual or potential customers or creating lists of prospects for marketing campaigns that can be shared and exported in multiple formats.

You can track the activities, tasks, and budgets for each marketing campaign you plan on. Moreover, you are able to evaluate the performance of every campaign with the help of performance indicators, and identify the market trends through the obtained reports. 

Centralized information

Respect each contact, customer or prospect preferences regarded to desired communication: email, phone, fax or postal service.

Social Media provides useful data about every account by capturing preferences, relationships and communication dynamics through the social networks connectors to the most used professional and personal social platforms.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

You can access the CRM solution on any device and make the mobile workers more efficient. Interfaces are intuitive and similar to Microsoft Office applications; Web access to applications can be made from multiple browsers..

The data rights of use for every user are established trough the security roles defined by solution regarded to specifics of each company.

Tracking opportunities

For a better organizational efficiency you can automatically allocate tasks and potential clients to the sales team, based on predefined rules. For each opportunity, you can create and monitor customized offers, so, you can quickly sign contracts by centralizing important information and transactions generated by them. Moreover, you can manage the offers in a simplified way by creating price and discounts lists.



 You can keep track of your clients in one centralized system, create detailed analysis based on submitted reports and identify the best sales scenarios.

Now you can truly focus on what matters - the customers!

Customer service


React quicker to customer requests about services and assistance with the acces to the full data about the complains or involved clients. Problems can be easily solved, by simplifying the process of finding information using familiar tools.



Developing a successful business is not that easy. When marketing campaigns, customer meetings, data analysis, and customer care services and many others overlap, an effective customer relationship management solution is needed that combines all of these features in one place. Microsoft Dynamics CRM – the solution you truly need!

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