Salesforce CRM


Salesforce CRM provides costumer service software applications that you can pay on the way! These applications are designed to help the sales team to track customer information and quality services providing, all of these contributing to your business growth through CRM automation.

  • UK Software Satisfaction Awards: "The Best CRM Enterprise and Customer Management";
  • Gartner: "Sales Automation Leader and Customer services centre" in the past 9 years;
  • Forbes: "The World's Number 1" - The most innovative company for 5 consecutive years.


Sales Cloud


Sell Smarter!
Accelerate Productivity!

The no 1 CRM Solution in the world that can manage the entire sales process, including lead generation, offers and orders. You can send data directly to the ERP system to generate invoice, accounting statements or inventory figures. Salesforce CRM gives instant access to your sales representatives to all information about:

  • Customer and company data
  • Accounts and decision makers
  • Interactions and activities history
  • Opportunities, offers and contracts.

Service Cloud


Increase loyality, retention and
customer satisfaction!

Every support request is an opportunity to improve the relationship with customers and also to generate additional incomes. Salesforce has multiple and complex features that can manage customer support activities.

  • Customer service 24/7
  • Personalized Customer-care
  • Customer support through any channel: phone, e-mail, SMS
  • Smart and fast customer service
  • Resolve cases faster
  • It can define association and escalation rules.

Marketing Cloud


Personalize your customer 

You can easily track each marketing campaign performance in terms of number of sales and new generated deals. Campaigns can target the existing clients or prospects and for each one them you can segment contact agenda and leads, according to different criteria. moreover, you can launch, manage and track promotional campaigns and cross / up sales.

  • Plan, customize and optimize customer journey
  • Know your customers better
  • Move clients to the next level in customers journey
  • Evaluate business impact
Salesforce CRM


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BRINEL can adapt uniquely and in real-time the CRM solution “on demand” for every organization’s requirements. Salesforce is 100% configurable!


Why Salesforce?
  • Instant and secure access from any mobile device
  • Easy to customize and use
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • No 1 Enterprise Cloud platform in the world
Why BRINEL and Salesforce?


  • Customization and adaptation to your business
  • Low implementation costs
  • Support and training for implementation.

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