Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Grow your business and profit by optimizing all business processes!

Ensure the growth of your company through a complete management solution, flexible and adaptable to your business specificity, which connects finances, sales, services and operations in order to streamline business processes and improve interaction with clients.

Starting with February 2003, BRINEL has been a certified Microsoft Dynamics™ partner and currently has implementation, maintenance and support contracts with over 150 companies and institutions.  The solutions customised by BRINEL meet the requirements specific to distribution companies but also service providers or manufacturing (food, cosmetics, furniture, plastics, detergents, industrial, building materials etc).

Dynamics 365 Business Central has already won the trust of over 160.000 clients and over 3.000.000 users.




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Why choose Dynamics 365 Business Central?



·    Dynamics 365 Business Central automatically unifies systems and processes, leaving employees time to focus on other important activities!


·    Manage business processes fast and efficient through a single solution!

·    You will have a global image of your business, given by reports delivered at the right place and time.

·    Receive value for the invested money – it is an essential instrument in developing your business which allows you a yield of investment translated directly in increased efficiency.

Dynamics 365 Business Central


Can it be implemented within my business?

The experience of the BRINEL consultants helps you customise Business Central for your business and transform the investment in benefit, in the shortest time! The flexibility of the platform facilitates the growth of the solution in base of the changing needs of the business, in a manner that it is perfectly adapted to requirements regardless of the business evolution, helping you at any time to capitalize on opportunities and place yourself in front of the competition.

How much does it cost?

The investment of an ERP implementing project is made of licensing costs, infrastructure costs and start-up and training costs. Through the Dynamics 365 Business Central solution, licensing costs are flexible, according to the evolution of the number of users, infrastructure costs can be reduced to zero, due to the fact that the solution can be exploited directly in cloud, and implementing costs can be spread according to the real need of your business.


Start using Dynamics 365 BC with a minimal investment!

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