Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Today's companies challenges

» The consumer is increasingly well informed, creating obstacles that are more and more difficult to overcome, and as a result, companies have to adapt their priorities.

» Customers are more responsible than ever and consumer experience has become a priority for every successful company.

» Companies need to develop intelligent strategies to control costs, accelerate development, and to become proactive in a changing market.

» The business environment is rapidly changing and advancing, thus in order to stay competitive, companies must permanently innovate.

BRINEL provides Microsoft Dynamics AX to help you coordinate and intelligently track internal flows and business processes that bring value and differentiate you from your competition. Streamline business and management reporting within the company to provide real-time information about orders, schedules, availability or resource allocation, as well as activity control are the underlying principles of Microsoft Dynamics AX. 

The transformation of business through the rapid redesign of business processes, the flexibility to grow in steps, at the rhythm of each company, as well as and the global ascension of operations, offering a large amount of resources and solutions to meet specific needs are made available by Dynamics AX.

Microsoft Dynamics AX



* Compliance management;

* Collaborative Workspace;

* Business Intelligence included. 


* Improves the efficiency of financial operations;

* Effectively manage your cash-flow;

* Provides detailed information so you can make the right decision;

* Strong audit capabilities.


* Efficiently manages production resources;

* Optimizes the technological route;

* Provides real-time information on the technological line;

* Easily monitorizes the production costs;

* Planning and flexible tracking of production orders.



* POS Modern;

* e-Commerce;

* Order Management;

* Processing multiple payments;

* Loyalty programs.

Supply Chain Management

* Sales Planning;

* Self-service portal for the vendor;

* Multiple warehouse management;

* Procurement management;

* Traceability and product reservation;

* Allows RFID integration.

Order Management

* Increases customer satisfaction through exceptional execution;

* Optimizes the procurement process;

* Simply manages business activities with subsidiaries;

* Provides better costs control through increased visibility.

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