NAV Payroll


NAV Payroll is an integrated payroll and human resources solution that allows you to manage salary-based employees, to calculate salaries or to generate data for C.A.S. (Pensions), C.A.S.S. (Health), unemployment declarations. 


Employee-Payroll module:

  •   Employee Management;

  •   Calculates salary for each employees, associate and other rights or withholdings;

  •   Automatically creates specific accounting notes;

  •   Calculates the business obligations and required transfers;

  •   Exports automatically data for CAS (pension), CASS (health), Unemployment declarations;

  •   Export the file for salary transfer on credit cards;

  •   Generating tax tables.


    Employee Management module helps you to manage complex data about your employees:

  •  Personal data defining (Code Name, CNP, address, contact details, ID document, etc.);

  •  Professional data;

  •  Employment period;

  •  Years and months of service, loyalty;

  •  Employee Status;

  • Dependents;
  •  Define the type of employment contract and its duration;

  •  Defining data related to salary;

  •  Attaching bonuses, increments, withholdings etc.;

  •  Information about the Bank and bank account.