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Marketing Specialist

We are looking for a Marketing Specialist who will be focused on driving marketing best practices and performance. You will be working directly with the Marketing Manager and the key objectives of this role are to create the business PR & Communication strategy, to be the storyteller - both within and outside the company - and manage all the events together with the team.

Areas of responsibility:

  • Manage the PR strategy (earned media - online & offline press). Establish & develop the relationship with the PR/press agencies/publishers that place the news, ads and articles.
  • Manege Social media strategy (shared & paid media). Evaluate existing social media channels, create plans for improvements and implement changes.
  • Develop the annual communication plan & editorial calendar together with the Digital Marketing Specialist and implement it.
  • Track and monitor general & industry publications.
  • Manage all the Events; Attend/travel to events and oversee all operations of the events including problem-solving, welcoming guests, directing event set-up, communicating with staff, and organizing vendors
  • Manage & Ensure a transparent Internal Communication
  • Content Marketing

Hard – skills:

The ideal candidate will have excellent verbal and written communication skills in B2B environments, ability to nurture strong professional relationships with the PR partners & suppliers as well as an understanding of IT Environment, technologies & platforms, social media, and data analysis.

  • Communication in B2B environments
  • Rules of press releases, B2B publishing media rules
  • Targeting publishers for company visibility & brand awareness
  • Strong planning & organizing skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Attention to detail is a must


  • Preferably 2+ years in Marketing.
  • Experience in IT industry is a plus.
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Communication & PR, Journalism, is preferred.

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Start Date: 14-02-19

End Date: 14-03-19