Case Study

After a careful analysis of the requirements, BRINEL specialists decided, together with the client's team, to migrate to Cisco Hyperflex.




One of the challenges was to reduce maintenance costs.

The installation, configuration and migration of data and applications on the new equipment was done without interruption, in less than a week.

An important player on the industrial equipment market chooses Cisco Hyperflex and achieves a simple, flexible and efficient infrastructure

"I think a lot of us find themselves in this situation, where we have a system that we have to make work all the time, we find temporary solutions that become permanent and that makes us unable to move forward without a reconfigured baseline," explains Claudiu Boar BRINEL Networking Manager.

The customer's business, referred to in this case study, has grown organically in its over 10 years of activity, reaching +10 million euro in 2019 and almost 100 employees, and the IT infrastructure had to keep up with the growth pace. But the situation was increasingly difficult for the IT department to manage.

The 4 physical servers (IBM HS22) and the storage (IBM DS 3500), on which the entire compute element ran, were technologically obsolete. The manufacturer no longer provided support, which made any upgrade/update quite difficult, consuming important time and resources. In addition, since the initial infrastructure, no major investments have been made, but specific solutions have been achieved to certain problems.

Thus, despite the fact that the client's IT team is very well prepared and assimilates everything new, its members have come to spend a lot of time to make everything work and the maintenance costs were very high. And those weren't the only challenges! As the business grew, it needed more computing power and expanded storage space, and the infrastructure had to provide the necessary services at all times, without interruption.

What was the BRINEL solution?

  • Cisco HyperFlex

-        3  Cisco HyperFlex HX220 M5 nodes, 2 x Intel® Xeon® Gold 5120 , 192 GB , 6 x 1.8TB SAS 10K, 1 x 240 GB SSD, 480GB SSD , 240GB SSD, Cisco HyperFlex Data Platform Standard Edition Subscription,

-        1 Cisco UCS C220 M5 node, 1 x Intel® Xeon® Silver 4110, 64 GB , 3 x 1.2 TB 12G SAS

  • Nexus 9300 - 48 p
  • VMware vSphere 6
  • Windows Server Data Center
  • BRINEL services – installation, configuration, migration

What does the migration involve?

  • Windows Server (AD DS, File Services, DHCP) role separation/isolation
  • Creating new VMs (on esxi) for AD DS roles in Plex and on the management server (AD DS service failover)
  • Umbrella appliance setup (forwarders change with Cisco documentation)
  • Moving AD, DNS-depending services to new AD DS / DNS servers
  • Cleaning AD and DNS + applying "best practices" rules
  • Configuring DHCP failover + configuring DHCP scope
  • Deleting virtual machines in HOST1/hyperv > removing hyperv rolls > host1 virtualization in esxi
  • Migrating the email service from VM to hyperv to VM esxi (by creating new exchange)
  • Deleting virtual machines in HOST2/hyperv > removing hyperv rolls > host2 virtualization in esxi
  • Cleaning AD and DNS + applying "best practices" rules


From a structure where you had to enter in each piece of equipment separately to do management and monitoring, starting with servers, storage and finally the network, they are now all integrated into one platform. In addition, on top of this on-premises platform the Cisco Intersight tool was also integrated for much faster accessibility.

The following was achieved:

• A robust, efficient, redundant solution; compute, storage, networking, software from a single vendor; single support point

• Reduced IT costs

• Easy and faster provisioning for new virtual machines

• Integrated management

• Efficiency in allocating storage space

• Uninterrupted provision and no performance penalties of IT services

• Scaled computing power and storage to meet future storage needs

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