A Journey with Dell Technologies & BRINEL for the Next Data Decade


SPEAKER: Cristian Stan, Senior System Engineer, Dell Technologies

TOPICS: Storage Architecture for the Next Data Decade by Dell Technologies & VxRail Next Stop in our HCI journey: vSphere 7 and VCF 4.0


DATE: Friday, June 26, 2020

DURATION: 11:30-13:00


As we enter the data decade, the combination of massive amounts of data and technology innovation provides the opportunity for businesses to transform into disruptive, digital powerhouses. According to ESG’s 2019 Data Storage Trends Survey, 71% of organizations believe data is strategic to their business, and effective storage strategies are critical to creating competitive advantage in their industry. In addition, 63% expect to develop and offer new data-centric products and services (i.e., either selling data or insights based on that data) in the next 24 months.

As businesses begin to capitalize on this opportunity, we realize that there are two major forces putting pressure on their IT infrastructure, which is putting additional pressure on their overall digital transformation efforts: 


Data – more data types exist (Block, File, Object, Containers, etc.) than ever before and the requirements to support data vary widely. Data is also no longer confined to data centers. It is created, processed, and stored everywhere, including at the Edge and in the cloud.

Operations – IT organizations are now expected to operate with the same agility and economics as public cloud. Organizations must continuously evolve to address the ever-expanding demands of both their data and their business.

Please join us to talk about how data operations, data automation and data management will shape the new data decade.

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