How to use Microsoft Defender suite of tools to protect against cyber attacks

Many of today's employees choose or are forced to work either from home or from a place where they feel comfortable or safe. They will be able to choose to work from multiple devices and use multiple apps to do their job, but one of the issues we will encounter (and perhaps the most important) is the security issue.

In this presentation, you'll learn what Microsoft solutions you can use to find potential security threats or breaches and how to respond to them as quickly as possible. More specifically, we will discuss tools in the Microsoft Defender suite and Azure Sentinel.

They help protect your organization from malicious attacks launched through emails, links, or collaboration tools.

We invite you to participate in a BRINEL brand workshop, dedicated to the tools in the Microsoft Defender suite (Microsoft 365 Defender & Azure Defender).

The date is flexible, please choose one of the options:

1.           Wednesday, February 10, 11:00 a.m.

2.            Wednesday, February 24, 11:00 a.m.

The event is intended for a small number of participants and includes concrete examples presented by our technicians.

"We had clients where certain users connected within 2 minutes from 10 different countries with 10 different IPs generating «Multiple failed log-on attempts» alerts. Most likely, in this case, we are talking about a possible account theft or even a brute force. Cloud App Security helps administrators have visibility into these atypical connections and be able to take action on them: password reset, mfa, etc.", explains Bogdan Maracine - Senior System Engineer BRINEL, one of the speakers of the event.


Time Session title Speaker


Microsoft Defender suite   Patrick Negrean, Office 365 Presales Specialist, BRINEL
11:45-12:00 Demo Cloud App Security Bogdan Maracine - Senior System Engineer BRINEL
12:00-12:00 Q&A session Questions can be asked directly, to any of the speakers, or through the chat area.


Workshop Microsoft Security

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