Reimagining the Workplace, during an online event held by BRINEL and Dell Technologies on Thursday, November 5, 11:00 a.m.

The computer industry has made huge progress, facilitating the work speed, and Dell has continuously innovated by improving the user experience and thus contributing to an increased efficiency and a much greater productivity.

The speaker of the event, Andrei Uhr – Dell Technologies Product Specialist will present the most intelligent range of laptops and PCs on the market, included in the new line of Dell Latitude products. With a completely redesigned mobility portfolio, this range of devices can help you meet current challenges and ensure that your employees are constantly connected and your data protected!

The computing solutions specialist will also talk about Dell Optimizer features, as well as hotdesking, in order to be safe in the office these days.

Participation in this webinar is free of charge and is based on registration confirmation.    

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