Empower your people to be productive and secure from anywhere



We are pleased to invite you, on Thursday, October 29, at 14:00, to a workshop for a small number of participants.

Teamwork and collaboration are fundamental to build resilience for your people, teams, and organization. Empower people to be productive and secure as they adapt to new ways of working with Microsoft 365.

Speaker: Patrick Negrean, Office 365 Presales Specialist, BRINEL



Why you should attend

We’ll discuss the scenarios available with Microsoft 365 to enable secure work from anywhere. 

This workshop is focused on identifying secure work from anywhere  scenarios that align to your business needs, addressing the following: Microsoft Teams, Foundational identity and security & Securing mobile access 


With this workshop, we’ll show you how you can use Microsoft technologies to: 


Provide meeting experiences to connect teams remotely and onsite 

Simplify day-to-day work with apps and workflows

Connect people to drive culture, change, and communication