BRINEL Confirms and Becomes a Titanium Dell Technologies Partner

BRINEL, one of the main computer systems integrator from Romania, has recently registered on the short list of Titanium Dell Technologies Partners, one of the world’s largest technology companies. 

Thanks to the skills gathered in various fields from the Dell Technologies portfolio and the business results obtained, the Titanium maximum level has been reached, giving the possibility to BRINEL clients to benefit, in base of this partnership, of complex services at a business priority level.

„For the critical projects we needed the storage and data protection solutions from EMC. This is how a new partnership started that evolved surprisingly fast. The combination of energies and technologies from Dell and EMC has created a dynamism in the market that helped us grow in an accelerated manner from zero to the highest level of partnership in a few years, and the evolution continues”, stated Marcel Borodi, BRINEL General Manager.

Dell Technologies services clients from 180 countries – including 99% of the Fortune Top 500 – and has the most comprehensive and innovative portfolio from the industry.

„We managed to merge the technological advancement available at Dell Technologies with the local expertise of certain companies such as BRINEL in order to build together innovative solutions, ready for an ever changing future. I think that this title given to our partner comes as recognition not only of its performances, but mostly of its professionalism in the relationship with its clients. And the results will keep on showing due to our partnership program, which we consider to be the best in the industry and which can be summed up in three words: simple, predictable, profitable”, stated Valentin Stănescu, Dell Technologies Romania CEO.

Competitive advantages for companies

Whether we are referring to storage, security, convergent infrastructure or virtualization, BRINEL is successfully integrating the innovative solutions of Dell Technologies. Therefore, it is supporting its clients in reaching their objectives in the digital transformation process, regardless of the stage they are in.

These solutions accelerate the efficiency of the business and draw various advantages, of which we can mention:

·         Simplifying the IT processes from the company by using converging and hyper-converging infrastructures

·         Increasing availability for applications and application data through flexibility and scalability of All-Flash or Software-Defined Dell EMC storage solutions

·         Automation of stream and the ever growing data volume administration by managing them through the unique console

·         Reducing costs through centralized backup and data security, disaster recovery, including on a Cloud or Multi-Cloud medium

Among the complex projects implemented in the enterprise environment, with which we gained the client’s trust, we mention: 

Active-active data center projects (synchronized server clusters, over 2 data centers), with Dell EMC VPlex Metro and Dell EMC Unity All Flash technologies included; 

Enterprise backup projects, implemented in the financial banking sector, including Dell EMC Networker and Dell EMC Data Domain; 

Dell EMC ISILON SCALE-Out NAS and Object Storage projects, implemented in the local administration, as well as in private companies; 

BRINEL is constantly investing in human resources skills, currently having active certifications covering a wide range from the Dell Technologies portfolio.


For 28 years, BRINEL has constantly implemented IT solutions and innovative systems for its beneficiaries. The multivendor strategic partnerships with technological world leaders as well as the certified skills of its own teams, confers trust in the projects approached by BRINEL. The obtained results and the proven experience make BRINEL a top integrator in the digital transformation of business.  BRINEL is a stand-alone company of SNEF Lab within the SNEF French group.