BRINEL enters the market for Backup As A Service!

BRINEL, one of the leading computer systems integrators in Romania, is launching the BRINEL Cloud Backup data protection solution aimed at providing partners with complete data storage/archiving services, i.e. its recovery in case of a disaster, actions essential for business continuity.

The technologies used enable BRINEL Cloud Backup to respond effectively to scalability requirements and are able to optimally adapt to volume variations in customer data.

The solution also provides Continuous Data Protection (CDP) functionality, with data saved as it is produced, and its compressed and encrypted transmission gives the solution high performance and security.

BRINEL Cloud Backup enables the implementation of custom security policies for each partner's specifics and the preservation of Backup, Archive, or Disaster Recovery data in a remote location according to industry best practice recommendations.

All protection, restoration, monitoring, reporting and analysis services are installed and preconfigured in the BRINEL Data Center.

The new Backup as a Service feature developed by BRINEL does not require any initial investment from the client and can be accessed on a monthly subscription basis.

For customers who need the Data Protection support element, BRINEL ensures a team of experts providing the following services:

Analysis and Consultation on the adoption of a coherent strategy for data backup, i.e. its recovery in case of a disaster (Infrastructure Audit)

Definition/design of the solution with the best available technologies and adapted to the specific requirements of each client (Solution Architect)

Elaboration of a plan to deploy (project) the Backup and data Disaster Recovery strategy.

Deployment of the agreed solution and testing in a real environment the performance within parameters of all backup and/or recovery processes.

The challenges generated by using data protection solutions, with everything involved (saving, deduplication, compression, encryption, or replication) are very complex. We can guide you to make the best choices!

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