BRINEL Study: Data and Systems Security, the Main Concern of IT Managers, in 2019

The increase of computer attacks on companies determines a strong reaction from specialists in Romania, in charge with data and computer systems security.

According to a BRINEL study, based on data provided by key-people from the IT departments of certain companies in Romania, security solutions and technologies take first place in the acquisitions wishlist chart for almost half of those questioned.

The results of the study are based on feedback received at the beginning of March, from 100 key-people in the IT management of certain companies in Romania.

23% of the IT specialists put in first place, on the acquisition list, Network Security technologies. Switching and/or wireless solutions have also been placed in the same position, also a percentile of 23%.

13% respondants have stated that they need Endpoint Security solutions, 10% opted for SD-WAN/ WAN/ LAN technologies, 10% for Datacenter – Storage/Servers/Networking, and 9% for E-mail and Web Security solutions. Applications in Datacenter as well as Hyperconverged and Analitycs solutions have each accounted 2%, but interest is growing for each of them.

According to analysis, in top 3 trends with impact on activity over the next three years, the order is:  security and risk management, the need to reduce costs, followed by the migration of applications in the Cloud.

 “The interest in security solutions and technologies has increased proportionally with the number of attacks on companies’ data and systems. Most IT managers are paying more attention to cybernetic security incidents, but unfortunately the impression that possessed data is of no interest is persistent, therefore neglecting the risk of compromising computing systems. The systems corrupted in this manner are later used as interface (proxy) or infrastructure for deploying attacks directed towards other entities, transforming the victim-company in a cybernetic incidents generator”, explains Claudiu Boar, BRINEL Networking Manager.

According to the BRINEL specialist it is not enough to take shelter from attacks by installing certain protection solutions, but you need to have a complete overview over your IT system and control over your network.

“Most of those in charge of IT are focusing on attack prevention, they try a classic «barricading» of the infrastructure, and in most cases the necessary tools to raise awareness of an attack are missing. Companies must ensure visibility and control, not only for incident detection, but also for minimizing their impact. You can’t remedy the effects of a cybernetic incident if you don’t know that it happened”, explains Claudiu Boar.

Currently, the most frequent attacks are those occurring through e-mails with infected attached files or through certain applications, according to BRINEL data.

Security solutions are keeping up with the increasing number of cybernetic security incidents

In order to avoid incidents and problems caused by cybernetic attacks, BRINEL recommends using professional cybernetic security solutions. Only in the Cisco portfolio there are over 60 security products, Cisco Next-Generation FirewallsCisco Umbrella or Cisco Email Security.

The appropriate technologies help companies have a warning system concerning possible attacks and quickly react in case of security breaches.

“We needed a solution that met the growth of cybernetic threats number by enhancing visibility and control over the IT infrastructure. The solution deployed by BRINEL increased the data transfer performance, which resulted in a significant percentile increase in identified and resolved security cases. We have therefore reached the goal of two objectives of high interest for us as a research institute, considering the importance of protecting research results, but also the speed needed for data analysis”, says Adrian Bot, INCDTIM Cluj-Napoca CEO.


For 28 years, BRINEL has constantly implemented IT solutions and innovative systems for its beneficiaries. The multivendor strategic partnerships with technological world leaders as well as the certified skills of its own teams, ensures a successful completion of the approached projects. The gained results and the proven experience make BRINEL a top integrator in the digital transformation of business. Since 2018, BRINEL has been a stand-alone company of the SNEF French group, a high certification Cybersecurity group.