Another year with a turnover of over 200 million lei for BRINEL

BRINEL managed to exceed, also in 2019, the threshold of 200 million lei turnover, thus consolidating its position among the top IT system integrators in Romania.

The IT integrator released, last year, new products and services by continuing to invest and attract new professionals to the BRINEL team.

"2019 was another year in which we adapted to market requirements, a year of investments, but also a year of alignment and integration within the SNEF group. We have channeled our efforts into creating innovative products, tailored to customer needs, which ensure a qualitative increase. Turnover was therefore maintained at the level of the previous year, but the share of complex projects with significant added value increased," explains Marcel Borodi, BRINEL CEO.

The high amount of investments determined a decrease in profit compared to the previous year. However, the result exceeded 7 million lei, with a profit margin of 3.6%.

Demand for IT services in the BRINEL data center or in public cloud services, and especially on the business applications consulting side maintained high in 2019 also.

Thus, the Brinel Cloud Backup data protection solution, released in 2019 to provide partners with complete data storage/archiving services and disaster recovery, has had a promising start, having already been adopted by some of our customers.

BRINEL also took important steps on the software production side, on demand, developing the first Remote Access Management (RAM) application on the Microsoft Azure platform at the end of last year. The innovative app is now being used by one of the world's leading healthcare providers to support more than 500 hospitals in 12 countries.

"In 2019 we have gained the trust of new business partners, both foreign and domestic companies, exceeding the threshold of 700 customers. Membership in the SNEF group has given us the international openness we have been waiting for and the confidence to tackle long-term projects, the results of which are not immediate, but distributed over longer periods of time," says Marcel Borodi.

Expanding the client portfolio remains one of the targets for 2020 also. Thanks to the dedication of the people of BRINEL, the adaptation of services and products to current requirements in the context of the pandemic has occurred extremely quickly and, through our experience, we have been able to support our partners to respond promptly to the new business needs. Turnover for the first half of 2020 is about 35% higher than the figure in the first half of the previous year. Therefore, 2020 started as a year of growth, a year of search for synergies, but the coronavirus crisis, through its latent effects, can hinder growth in the second half of this year.


For 29 years, BRINEL has constantly implemented IT solutions and innovative systems for its beneficiaries. The multivendor strategic partnerships with technological world leaders as well as the certified skills of its own teams, confers trust in the projects approached by BRINEL. The gained results and the proven experience make BRINEL a top integrator in the digital transformation of business. Keeping its identity, BRINEL has been a part, since 2019, of the SNEF French group.