BRINEL – Business Champion in Transylvania and Banat

More than 30 local entrepreneurs have been awarded the title of "champions" in business this year, within the fifth edition of the "Champions in Business", a project by “Financiar” newspaper in partnership with Enterprise Investors, the largest investment fund, BCR, the audit and tax consulting firm PwC and the Triple Helix Foundation, through which Romanian entrepreneurs have experienced a spectacular dynamics over the last two years. Since 2008 - the year when this project started - up to now, more than 100 Romanian entrepreneurs have been rewarded for how they managed to manage their businesses in such a way as to maintain profits in the most difficult Years for the Romanian economy.  (Ziarul Financiar

At the Transylvania and Banat Regional Conference "Business Growth in Crisis Times", part of the "Business Champion" program, BRINEL won the "Business Champion in Transylvania and Banat 2012" trophy. On this occasion, Marcel Borodi, BRINEL CEO, presented alongside other entrepreneurs the way in which he managed to use the opportunities to build a profitable business, even in less favorable economic conditions.


Full list of Business Champions find it: aici.