BRINEL installed the first digital smart laboratory (SmartLab) in Cluj at the "János Zsigmond" Unitarian High School

Students and teachers of the "János Zsigmond" Unitarian High School have access, since March this year, to the latest technologies offered by the first SmartLab in Cluj, installed by BRINEL. In partnership with Shape Robotics, presentation and training sessions were also provided for the teaching staff in order to use the equipment in the laboratory.

SmartLab facilitates understanding of the taught concepts, eliminating rote learning. At the same time, the smart laboratory empowers creativity and the development of young people's social skills through the interactive way information is presented.

" ‘János Zsigmond’ Unitarian High School recommends BRINEL for implementing smart digital laboratories in schools. SmartLab stimulates students' interest, curiosity, accelerated learning and creativity, and the high school teachers are excited to use the new technologies implemented by BRINEL.

We are happy to host the free workshops offered by BRINEL and warmly invite all interested schools to discover how they can create and teach innovative lessons for their students. Having seen the usefulness of the smart laboratory, I recommend its adoption in as many schools as possible."  said Mrs. Prof. Marta Popa, Director of the Unitarian High School "Janos Zsigmond" Cluj-Napoca.

Robots, VR and 3D technology

The smart laboratory is a space that includes hardware and software systems for an innovative education concept. It showcases three technologies - virtual reality, robotics and 3D printing, providing an interactive digital experience that facilitates both the teaching and the learning process.

Thus, virtual reality headsets render a digitally created world and facilitates the understanding and perceiving of the taught information.

The experience is completed by modular educational robots with multiple configurations that give students the opportunity to create their own robot and program it.

The 3D technology has three components: the 3D printer - turns objects on the screen into physical things and provides the ability to print new parts for robots, the 3D scanner - gives students and teachers the ability to scan the objects they are studying, which can then be printed with a 3D printer, and the 3D pen allows students to draw in space. The SmartLab also includes: ClassVR, virtual reality headsets, provided alongside a digital content platform with over 1000 resources, an 85" Interactive Display and Schoolflix – the interactive educational platform providing training and technical support for SmartLab educational solutions.

Free workshops for all interested schools

BRINEL supports educational institutions that want to adopt these technologies and offers free workshops where the equipment contained in a SmartLab is presented. Teachers learn in detail about the features of the new technologies and learn how to create lessons "from the future". The interactive whiteboard, the Fable Robots and the 3D printer are three of the key elements in creating the new learning experience for students, as the robots allow an infinite number of 3D printed accessories to be connected, are easy to assemble and can be used in all subjects. 

BRINEL encourages all high schools in Cluj County to participate in the training offered free of charge for the teaching staff who are going to implement SmartLab. Two sessions are scheduled, on May 9th and 16th respectively, and registration can be done by following this link:


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