Cluj Connecting Day 2019

Over 250 IT professionals from Transylvania have enjoyed a display of the latest technologies they can use to secure and streamline their businesses, during Cluj Connecting Day 2019.

The event, organized by BRINEL and Cisco, at its 4th edition, has already become a tradition within the regional community. The two IT solutions and services providers have created this year also, a place for exploration and demos, in which the business needs of the clients have received actual answers from professionals. The participants have showed great interest in solutions of Collaboration, Cisco Hyperflex and Security architecture for End Point, Open Source versus Commercial. 

„We, at BRINEL, believe in the transforming power of the IT. We are always involved in the digital revolution, aware that, together with our clients, with professionalism and determination, we shall improve the work capacity through IT innovation. We want to do this with passion and to offer the innovation to companies through you, so they could be more efficient, and their employees could enjoy life and what matters for each and one of us more”, stated in the opening of the event, Marcel Borodi, General Manager BRINEL.

Alongside Marcel Borodi, on the stage of the conference, was also Mr. Costin Borc – Manager for Eastern Europe of SNEF – the French group that decided in 2018 to invest in BRINEL. Net BRINEL will remain an autonomous company within the French group, as part of SNEF Lab. The fields of activity for SNEF and BRINEL complement each other and have common evolutions in the fields of Industry 4.0 and IoT. The BRINEL management remains the same, and the focus for local clients’ portfolio and technological partnerships is maintained.


Businesses become more and more sophisticated, and the challenges that Romanian companies have to overcome become more diverse, one of those challenges being the rise of cyber criminality.

„Unfortunately, all this development of the cyber space does not come without threats. Today we see more and more attacks, ever more sophisticated, attacks that have a business purpose. There are people who have the financial resources to innovate, to find new attacks, new breaches in order to reach their goals, and we have to find the right moments and methods to protect ourselves”, stated Dorin Pena, General Manager Cisco Romania.


Those who attended the event, have had the opportunity to evaluate the latest Cisco solutions (Cisco Meraki, Cisco Digital Network Assurance or Cisco Advanced Protection for Endpoints, Software defined, Edge computing), but also to discover state of the art security architectures, capable of identifying and blocking the new generation of malicious applications, procedures that ensure confidential data protection or tools for the automation of operations and IT infrastructure maintenance.   

28 years of activity and over 700 clients


As a Cisco Certified Partner, BRINEL is connected to the main technology trends, and over 160 specialists are covering the most various client requests, regardless of their field of activity. With over 28 years of activity on the Romanian market and over 700 active clients, BRINEL is one of the main IT system integrators in Romania.