Marcel Borodi's interview

Net Brinel Cluj-Napoca, closed the year 2021 with a growing business compared to 2020, when the turnover reached to 230 million lei, the general manager of the company, Marcel Borodi,  told for He says that last year was "far above expectations, with a lot of satisfaction", which brought an improvement in the profit margin.

For BRINEL, 2021 was a year far beyond expectations, because it was also the year in which we celebrated 30 years of activity in Romanian IT. 2020 was much better than 2019, and the results of 2021 were better than those of 2020! It is challenging and comforting for the team and shareholders to grow every year by two digits, and the first digit to be higher than the number 2", said Borodi. In this context, he says that the results of the BRINEL group clearly exceeded the initial budget with almost 50% .

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