“On remote work and business continuity”, a webinar grounded in reality

BRINEL held together with Cisco, Friday 24th of April, the webinar “On remote work and business continuity”.  Participants attended presentations created to help them manage the current situation, as well as the medium and long-term effects of the “corona crisis”.

“Two or three months ago we were saying that the way we work is changing, then there were other criteria that we were relying on, we were thinking about the advantages that technology offers, about the extraordinarily high mobility that we had. We were all on the move and we had to be very agile and adapt. Well, now, the same technology helps us, being much less mobile, working much more from home, being isolated from each other. And for that transformation then and for this one now we need good tools, reliable tools, to ensure our comfort and security”, Răzvan Atimariti explained, Collaboration PSS Cisco.

The Cisco Specialist presented the latest Webex features based on artificial intelligence, such as: the option to access a profile with business information about a new partner or client, built on the basis of public information available in the virtual environment; the system's ability to identify background noises and act in such a way that they do not disturb the meeting or list of tasks to be carried out by Eva, the virtual assistant of the platform.

The list of state-of-the-art devices that Atimariti has reviewed in his panel includes: the touchscreen board for educational environment, as well as equipment for people working in remote or risk areas that integrate seamlessly with Webex to maximize results. Among the solutions at issue are the cloud telephony solution and telemedicine solutions.

How can employees in cybersecurity win the asymmetric battle with hackers?

Ovidiu Neghină, Cisco CyberSecurity Sales Specialist made an inventory of cybersecurity solutions, which organizations can call upon to increase data security and comply with GDPR requirements. The specialist says the number of attacks is constantly increasing and the upward trend is expected to continue.

„The risk has increased in the IT environment because we're more interconnected than ever, the need to work from anywhere has increased; we have applications in the cloud, in the datacenter, a hybrid environment that has expanded the attack area available to attackers. Also, the number of attacks has increased in intensity in recent years and we believe it will continue to increase, from simple attacks, to complex attacks, such as advanced persistent threats”, Neghină warned.

Among the solutions recommended by the cybersecurity specialist there are: Cisco Duo, Cisco Umbrella, Cisco AnyConnect and Cisco AMP for Endpoints, all available free of charge for up to 90 days, depending on the product.

BRINEL Services – the bridge between solutions and needs

Our colleague, Claudiu Boar, Networking Manager, concluded the web seminar with the presentation of a case study on adapting BRINEL infrastructure to the new remote work requirements.

“March came and it was very clear that what was happening in the world is not a joke. The company's management reiterated the idea that the company's most important resource is the people inside it and it was asked what can we do to ensure the health of the teams? We had the infrastructure, except that from a limited number of mobile connections it came to about 200 connections so that colleagues could work safely. And so, the challenge began”, Claudiu Boar explained to the participants.

The IT information was complemented by the intervention of Antonia Colibăşanu, geopolitical analyst, who reviewed some of the changes brought to the business environment by the current crisis.

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