The BRINEL team has obtained over 50 new professional certifications in 2019!

BRINEL has one of the most consistent certifications (+700) and competencies (+40) portfolios in Romania, and the continuous consolidation of this portfolio remains one of the priorities of the IT integrator. Only in the first 10 months of 2019, over 50 new certifications were added to the list of specializations attained by the team members.

The IT is an area with a high innovation level, and in order to offer our clients access to the latest technologies, our team members are constantly attending intense training programmes. Lifelong learning in IT is not only a personal concern, to overcome our own limits and stay relevant on the market and within our organization, but also on a company level in order to provide the highest standards for the implemented services and solutions”, explains Daniela Pipaș, Head of Human Resources BRINEL.

Among the new obtained certifications, the ones for hyper-converged infrastructures and cybernetic security have enjoyed a real appreciation from the beneficiaries and have allowed the development of projects for the first time in Romania. For example, the hyper-converged infrastructure projects have brought to the BRINEL clients, a simplified virtual infrastructure management, the streamlining of backup processes and a considerable improvement in performance.

The cybernetic security qualifications provide the team the abilities and knowledge needed to block even the latest types of attacks and to build defensive strategies that can successfully face future threats.

The BRINEL team is made up of over 150 people that are passionate about their work, who are close to the clients by offering efficient IT&C solutions, adapted to specific needs, at standards imposed by world leaders.

Over time BRINEL has concluded strategic partnerships with top global IT companies, such as Dell Technologies, Microsoft, Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HP Inc, Oracle, Bitdefender, Vmware, Citrix, Palo Alto, Lenovo, IBM, Veeam, Veritas or Kofax.


For 28 years, BRINEL has constantly implemented IT solutions and innovative systems for its beneficiaries. The multivendor strategic partnerships with technological world leaders as well as the certified skills of its own teams, confers trust in the projects approached by BRINEL. The obtained results and the proven experience make BRINEL a top integrator in the digital transformation of business. 

BRINEL is an independent company of SNEF Lab within the SNEF French group.