A contract management application developed by BRINEL helps you earn up to 3 hours/week per employee!


Company documents can now be managed much faster, in a secure and transparent manner with Contract Management Center! The application developed by BRINEL thus reduces the time dedicated to administrative activities and contributes to increasing employee productivity.

What challenges do companies face regarding document management?

The average employee spends between 1-3 hours a week searching for company documents or information according to a recent survey, conducted on a sample of over 1000 employees from small and medium-sized firms. The lack of a single place to organise all contracts is not the only cause. Companies also face a lack of a way to transparently track the status of contracts.

What is the solution?

The answer is digitalisation – through which companies remain relevant and gain time for tasks that bring impact to the business, both for their teams and for their customers.

The digitalisation of contracts means the transition from the physical filing or archiving of documents to the digital mode. Documents are created, used, and shared online. This way the team has quick and real-time access to contracts every time it is needed. At the same time, all the actors involved have transparent access to the stages in which the contract is located: negotiation, approval, signing.

How can you optimize document management?

Contract Management Center BRINEL is a tool that digitalises the document part of the company. It provides contract management in one place, in a secure and transparent manner, and the team has real-time access to them.

In addition, saving contracts in the Cloud eliminates the likelihood of losing documents through the Back Up and Recovery option, and documents can be accessed from anywhere securely. 

Regardless of the flow of negotiation, approval, signing or whether they have been drawn up for a long time, the contracts will be easier to find and manage. More details about Contract Management Center can be found