Digitalise your HR department with Employee Management Center


With Employee Management Center, the HR application developed by BRINEL, you automate key HR processes and take an important step towards optimizing your entire company's activity!

Why an HR application?

Employees are the engine that drives a company's growth. A pleasant and motivating state at work contributes to the success of a business.

The HR department is responsible for maintaining this state by implementing a strategy to improve the employee experience so that they are satisfied and happy. But when HR professionals perform repetitive tasks manually, the goal of creating a pleasant experience is neglected, and lower levels of satisfaction at work will lead to a lower level of involvement from employees.  

Employee Management Center, a complete HR solution.

In order to avoid such a scenario, companies` leaders must find solutions that simplify the HR activity. One such solution is Employee Management Center, which ensures the digitalisation of the department by automating tasks and work processes.

The solution combines processes that ensure a secure data collection. Such software is customised to the needs of the company and the HR department. The solution can automate tasks such as leave management and handwriting of requests, employee timekeeping, salary payment, or activity management.

While large companies, managing a large number of employees, have adopted such a digitalisation solution, small and medium-sized businesses are postponing the purchase because they don't know how cost-effective it will be.  

Here are 3 reasons why you should install the solution in your company:

Your employees will have a simpler experience with administrative tasks

Employee Management Center gives employees the option to enter their work tasks themselves. Together with their managers, they can track and update their status in real time. They can also fill in their leave requests online or clock in directly into the platform whether they are at home or in the office.

The administrative tasks of the HR department will be automated

Manually managing administrative tasks (manually entering timesheets from paper into excel) is time consuming and lowers the morale of HR employees. Instead of recruiting the most talented candidates in the market, they waste time on administrative and tedious tasks. Digitalising work saves time that HR can invest in employee experience or strategic initiatives.

Employee Management Center allows HR to manage leave requests from one place. Viewing and approval takes place online which eliminates the possibility of the request getting lost or getting mixed up with that of another colleague. In addition, the solution simplifies the process of salary calculation.


Data is collected and accessed from one place

From the first stage of the recruitment process, the HR department collects and manages employee data. To be safe it needs to be in one place. Replacing the manual collection with a digital solution will increase employee trust in the company and streamline the department's activity.

With Employee Management Center it is easier to manage employee activity. The solution displays a dashboard in different windows so you can work more easily and efficiently:

  • employee status;
  • fast communication channel with them;
  • leave days status and management;
  • leave planning and status update: requested, approved, refused;
  • tasks to be performed;
  • employee timekeeping.

Deployment takes just 5 days. EMC can be accessed from any device, anywhere.
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