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We invite you to discover Data Center Solutions and User Solutions powered by BRINEL that effectively integrate the technologies provided by world leaders in IT & C and that fit your business.

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Data Center Design

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Security and Access Control

Power supply

Air conditioning

Structured cabling

Switching & Routing

Communication & Secutity

Calculation Structures

Storage structures


Back-up & Recovery

Replication & Disaster Recovery Center (DRC)

Infrastructure Management & Monitoring

Solutions for DataCenter

Regardless of where your Data Center is, the BRINEL specialists can help you get to the next level to improve your IT infrastructure, saving time and money.   



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Power Supply Power Supply

Power Supply

A power outage or a fluctuation within the network may damage the connected equipment and lead to loss of information. To prevent this, reserve power sources are needed. In addition to this, a cleaning up of the accounts that are accidentally left around as a consequence of interruptions generated by occasional defects and overloaded circuits is needed. Find out how to save time and money.

Air conditioning Air conditioning

Air conditioning

The role of climate control is to filter and evacuate the heat produced by the IT systems from the Data Center. The solutions for the systems and climate control installations offered by BRINEL allow for remote controlling of these parameters.

Structured cabling Structured cabling

Structured cabling

BRINEL's specialists design and install structured cabling that is based on the specifics of the infrastructure at the customer’s location. A well-built network will match a perfect IT infrastructure.

Switching & Routing Switching & Routing

Switching & Routing

As a result of Ethernet and Fiber Channel networks integration into one single infrastructure, new improvements occurred into the new designed models. These improvements reduce both the cost and time to install the two Data Center networks. For more information and details, contact BRINEL specialists!

Back-up & Recovery Back-up & Recovery

Back-up & Recovery

The challenges posed by the use of data protection solutions, with all that they involve (saving, deduplicating, compressing, encrypting or replicating), require specific know-how, and the implementation of a backup or disaster recovery strategy requires a careful analysis of the cost / benefit balance. The partnership with BRINEL guarantees you the implementation of BC and DR solutions in the optimal time and budget and in accordance with the needs of your business.

Veeam Backup pentru Office 365

Infrastructure Management Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management

Response time, availability, accessibility, agility…?

These requirements are impossible to accomplish without real-time monitoring and automating the management procedures for the whole IT infrastructure. Find out more about it with the help of BRINEL’s team!

 Communications and Security  Communications and Security

Communications and Security

By applying a unified security policy, the same high level of protection is observed, whether we are talking about the campus network, the WAN area or the data center, with real-time monitoring possibilities and full visibility in the network traffic.

Servers & clusters Servers & clusters

Servers & clusters

Through the certifications obtained at company level as well as the skills of engineers in various specializations, BRINEL can provide support in the preparation, delivery and implementation of solutions based on data processing and also having expertise in server-based processing technologies.

Storage solutions Storage solutions

Storage solutions

BRINEL helps customers with efficient storage solutions, incorporating technologies from world leaders in information technology - HPE (3PAR & Nimble), EMC, Lenovo, IBM. Being also an Authorized Service Provider, we can offer installation and maintenance services for the storage and back-up infrastructure.

 Virtualization  Virtualization


BRINEL, together with its technological partners, proposes you as a virtualization solution - State-of-the-art x86 Hardware Servers from the most famous manufacturers on the market - HPE, CISCO UCS, DellEMC which will be the resources managed by hypervisors from Vmware, Citrix, or Hyper-V. Full integration also involves the protection of data from virtual environments, but also data recovery in case of disaster - more precisely the solutions from Veeam.

Technical Consulting Technical Consulting

Technical Consulting

Business needs validation. Data Center design, integration and development. Space analysis.

Increasing the capacity and the amount of equipment inside the client’s infrastructure could lead to the moment when the space allocated for hosting no longer meets the company’s needs. BRINEL comes to your support with consulting solutions and services that will help you make the best decisions for optimizing cost/performance.


Security and Access Control Security and Access Control

Security and Access Control

We help you protect your Data Center from outside or inside threats. BRINEL offers you the ease of use and safety for your data. From security policies, authentication and access to Data Center, to traceability monitoring systems, our team of specialists will help improve the security of your data.

User Solutions

When we talk about IT solutions for users, we mean that we want to enable them to be productive and to ensure the highest level of security for their needs. BRINEL invites you to discover the best solutions for your users, solutions developed by the big international vendors, already used by tens of thousands of users.

Applications Applications


The applications used by every employee are included in our offer. It doesn’t matter if we talk about collaboration solutions, Office packages or specific applications, our experience recommends us.

microsoft 365



The success of a company relies on an effective communication between members from different teams, which is why the technology that facilitates an interaction between individuals is necessary. Distribution of documents, real-time messaging, video conferences and white boarding solutions must be easy and intuitive to use, regardless of whether we are inside or outside the corporate network, or if we want to connect with a tablet or smartphone directly from the browser or using an advanced Telepresence system.

microsoft teams

cisco webex



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