Back-up & Recovery

Back-up & Recovery

One of the challenges that companies in the business environment need to answer is fast growing data volume that needs to be saved and/or recovered in case of a disaster. Whether are the data that needs to be archived over a certain period of time, according to specific business requirements or regulations / laws or we consider critical data for business operation, speed is the main priority.


Business continuity strategy involve:


Recovery Point Objectives (RPO), which refers to the amount of data a company risks losing between two consecutive recoverys. 


Recovery Time Objective (RTO), that is the time required for data recovery and resumption of activity. 

Back-up & Recovery


Back-up & Recovery Road

BRINEL can provide you with the services of experienced consultants who can make a realistic assessment of needs, taking into account both financial resources and the level of skills available. The services we offer include: 



Developing an effective Backup or Disaster Recovery strategy, with DellEMC, HP, Symantec, IBM


Testing and verifying the parameters provided in the process, in real case on different physical environments Microsoft, Linux, or virtual VMware, Veeam, Hyper-V, Symantec, etc.


Analysis and Consultancy on the adoption of a backup and disaster recovery strategy;


Deploying backup, archiving, replication, on-premise, or cloud solutions based on Benzi, Disc, VTL, and D2D2T based technologies from leading vendors in the industry.




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