Air-conditioning systems

Air-conditioning systems

Ensuring air conditioning inside the Data Center is a critical component of its systems. The role of the system is to take over the heat produced by the IT systems in the Data Center and evacuate it. The methods by which this result can be obtained are based on airflow or heat transfer using a liquid (water often or certain forms of refrigerant).

Depending on the methods by which cold air is distributed, Data Center cooling systems are divided into two main types: Room Cooling, Row Cooling.

Traditional Cooling Technology - CRAC

The CRAC method is based on a technological floor below which cold air is distributed to the racks to automatically measure, analyze, and control the cooling capacity so as to meet the requirements of a dynamic data center environment.

IN-ROW Cooling Technology

Cooling units between equipment cabinets are inserted. (InRow) Anticipating and avoiding issues of overheating, hot spots or capacity is essential for the optimal performance of the Data Center.   


The optimization of cooling is achieved by the physical separation of the hot and cold air spaces; Either by closing the cold corridor or by closing the warm one.

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