Business needs validation; Data Center design, integration and development. Space analysis 

Along with the increasing capacity and number of core equipment in your infrastructure you may be confronted with the situation when the initially space allocated for hosting your equipment no longer meets company's needs.  

BRINEL, comes in your support with a list of information and services that will help you make the best choice:

Analyzing your existing situation based on your onsite evaluation and validating your business needs.

Designing and proposing a Data Center solution, including the migration plans of the existing solution. 

Options can include (but aren’t limited to):

* Redesigning existing space to standards close to Data Center;

* Setting up a new space with full Data Center functions;

* Migrating to a hosted data center. 

Implementation of the solution chosen by the client through performing the necessary actions: 

* Arrangement 

* Consolidation 

* Migration 



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In the situation you choose to arrange a space in your company's premises at a data center standards, BRINEL's services will include the analysis of existing situation by location, security, optimization of the interconnection with the rest of the users in the company and the design proposal will follow good practice in the field.