Data Protection


One of the challenges that mid-market companies or enterprises must respond to is the rapid and steady increase in the volume of data that needs to be saved and/or recovered in the event of an incident caused by internal or external causes to the company.

The topical issue is data protection, a concept used to describe both operational data saving operations and business continuity (BC)/ disaster recovery (DR). The availability of data must be as high as possible and ensure the continuity of business activities, even if production data (commonly operated) is damaged or lost.


What is the difference between business continuity and disaster recovery?


BC - is proactive and generally refers to the processes and procedures that an organization needs to implement to ensure that critical business functionality can continue during and after a disaster. It also involves comprehensive planning geared towards long-term challenges.


DR - The recovery to a situation before the disaster is reactive and includes the specific steps an organization must take to resume operations within an optimal time frame. Disaster recovery operations occur after the incident, and response times can vary from seconds to days.

All protection, restoration, monitoring, reporting and analysis services are installed and pre-configured in DC BRINEL.  Following an audit carried out at the customer's location; a deduplication solution at source can also be proposed to avoid (MAN/WAN) traffic loading.

BRINEL provides the services of experienced consultants, who carry out a realistic assessment of needs, taking into account both the financial resources and the level of data protection required. Services include:

Analysis and Consultation on the adoption of a backup and disaster recovery strategy (Infrastructure Audit)

Testing and checking the parameters provided in the process, in a real scenario on various physical or virtual environments VMware, Hyper-V, using existing backup software or by proposing backup software adapted to company needs

Developing an effective backup and disaster data recovery strategy


Deploying backup, archiving, replication, on-premises or cloud solutions based on D2D technologies, from the main dedicated industry vendors