Microsoft 365 

Microsoft 365 (formerly named Office 365) is a set of solutions that are indispensable to business. Why? Because it brings together top-level security and productivity facilities, combining communication tools that allow employees to collaborate wherever they are.


Microsoft Office 365 Benefits 


Reducing IT costs

Microsoft 365 eliminates the time and effort that people from the IT department have to put in to manage e-mail and collaboration servers. Users and devices can be managed with a single dashboard, and patches, updates and back-end updates are automatically deployed.

Protection against cyber attacks

Microsoft 365 runs on a global network of data centers well protected by multiple levels of security and a strict privacy policy. Furthermore, it helps protect your PCs from viruses, malware, and spyware. E-mails are secured through integrated and constantly updated antivirus and anti-spam solutions.

Cloud storage

Create the best documents with the latest versions of Word, Excel, and other Office apps without worrying about storing them. Every user has 1TB of cloud storage with OneDrive.

Top-level productivity

Microsoft 365 creates a collaboration space that can be accessed by employees from anywhere, from almost any device with an Internet connection. OneDrive, SharePoint, Skype for Business, Planner or Microsoft Teams are just some of the tools that make collaboration extremely easy. Employees can work together, in real time, on documents, spreadsheets, projects, and other files, communicating as if they were next to each other.

The common calendar and presence information make organizing easier by showing them who is available and when.

In addition, customers and suppliers can be contacted just as easy as contacting your colleagues.

Easy to anticipate costs

Microsoft 365 service package subscriptions allow an accurate forecast of IT spending through easy-to-predict annual costs and no additional equipment costs. The best thing is that when new features, updates or completely new versions are released, you will get them automatically, free.


Microsoft 365


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