Microsoft Azure. The cloud that anticipates your need to grow!!


Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that allows you to build fast, to safely implement and manage scalable applications, not only on your local local infrastructure but also in the cloud or combined (cloud hibrid).


It is not simple to migrate to Azure, but it will be simpler to manage and develop your business further.


Azure services suited to your business:

Azure Back-upAzure Remote App Azure Site Recovery


Find out if Azure is right for you.

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If you take into account migrating to Microsoft Azure, here’s what you should know:

It is compatible with any operating and programming system;

You have control over costs; cloud services are scalable (you pay as much as you consume, optimized TCO)

Licenses are included. Get rid of managing them, Azure allows you to use virtual machines with types of license other than Microsoft;

Test it! You can then migrate to Microsoft Azure when you want with your already existing IT infrastructure;

You can create unique signatures synchronized between Microsoft Azure and Office 365 accounts and multiple other SaaS applications (Salesforce, Google Apps, Dropbox etc).


Microsoft Azure

How can BRINEL help you and what are your benefits?

How can we help you?

1. We analyze your existing infrastructure and evaluate the back-up applications, storage space, processing speed, loss implications because of blocked activity, data loss. We make operational optimizations for your existing infrastructure. Moreover, we will make a 2-3 year projection for you to see how your business will develop according to the chosen infrastructure scenarios;

2. We create for you in Azure a 1:1 migration version for comparison. We will use the same services and equipment you have, but we will move a part of the workflow to a virtual machine. The costs will be approximately similar with the on-premise version and they can be publicly checked on Microsoft Azure.

3. We show you a migration version with costs up to 10% lower and/or optimized services!

What are your benefits? 

Migrating 1:1 you will be optimizing part of your existing services, keeping your infrastructure and your major applications. Through the migration process you can reduce the number of applications and automate some processes, you don’t have to migrate absolutely everything;

The pauses within blockages and possible data loss scenarios will be reduced. The Azure platform automatically puts itself back into operation, based on that agreement financially guaranteed by Microsoft (covered by 99.95%);

By migrating to Azure, you bill benefit from a series of analysis and report services which have limited function in the on-premise version;

Data back-up and archiving will be made automatically, in secure data centers;

Extended replication services in case of disaster recovery and checking/ scheduling of back-up;

Any integrating version between your own data center and the cloud is possible;

How can you estimate the Azure services costs? 

We provide an automated cost calculator.



1. Are you a company that is fond of standards and has strict security regulations? You can’t outsource anything - storage, servers, applications?

2. Are you an innovating company, do you trust the cloud, do you prefer to outsource everything?

3. Have you made numerous investments in IT infrastructure and they haven’t been amortized yet? Do you want to outsource a part of the connected services?

4. None of the above?


We will help you build your private cloud! With Microsoft instruments, the Azure platform and BRINEL know-how!

Come to the public cloud hosted by Microsoft Azure, and we will offer you quality services in a complete package!

Come and we will find the solution of the hybrid cloud! Nothing easier than that. We will help you transfer to the cloud, according to your needs, flows and applications, while still relying on your existing infrastructure.

We invite you to join us for a test drive! We will create a trial account for you and you will see how Microsoft Azure works. You will have time to analyze risks vs. benefits. It will be easy and captivating!

BRINEL has been a Microsoft partner for over 20 years and is experienced in complex IT infrastructure projects based on the Microsoft technology, including the migration to Microsoft Azure and Office 365. It has been appointed Microsoft Partner of the Year in Romania for 2014.


For additional information about Microsoft Azure, contact the BRINEL specialist for Microsoft Azure Cloud!