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A set of easy-to-use productivity solutions, which simplifies the access of all size companies to e-mail, important documents and calendars from almost any location.



Office 365 simplifies the IT administration by improving the productivity level of your company. 

Through strong security and reliable performance, Office 365 combines Microsoft familiar productivity, cooperation and communication tools so that you can support your employees wherever they are and on almost any device. The IT department has a variety of implementation options, and therefore it is able to continue to run some local applications. Other applications can be moved in cloud or they can entirely migrate in cloud. 


These services are meant to fulfill your needs of advanced security, 24/7 reliability and productivity for users. These services can be implemented in just a few minutes – helping the companies to improve the productivity and reduce the costs and complexity of the administration of servers. 

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Microsoft Office 365 Benefits

IT efficiency and control
IT efficiency and control

Office 365 reduces the time and effort which IT people have to spend in order to manage the e-mail and collaboration servers – at the same time offering you the absolute control.

 The Patches, updates, and back-end updates are automatically implemented.

 Online access to the system and users administration.

 Service packages subscriptions allow a real IT costs forecast by predictable annual costs, and without supplementary costs for equipment or updating.

 Migration tools especially conceived to make the implementation and taking over easier to the users.

 24/7 phone IT support.

High level security and reliability for companies
High level security and reliability for companies

Office 365 provides online versions of Microsoft e-mail, and other cooperating systems, which the companies have been using for decades, and which provide the necessary reliability, availability, and performance of the smaller organizations. Office 365 runs on a global network of data centers which are well protected by multiple security levels, and a strict confidentiality policy.

 Helps you to protect your e-mails by antivirus, and anti-spam integrated, and permanently updated solutions.

 Helps you to protect your data through the reliability at company level, and recovering in case of calamities, thanks to geo-redundant data centers, and to the strict confidentiality policy, meant to provide the highest physical and digital security level.

 Service Level Agreement with 99% availability warranty.


Last generation productivity
Last generation productivity

Office 365 does perfectly integrate with Microsoft Outlook and other Office applications which your employees already know. It offers them access to e-mail and contacts on almost any device.

 1TB storage space for each user, with no increasing of the storage costs.

 Password protected pages where the employees can work together within real time on documents, spreadsheets, projects, and other files.

 Shared calendar, presence information, and centralized directories at company level make the organization easier by showing who and when is available.

Access everywhere
Access everywhere

E-mail, documents, contacts, and calendars are available anytime on laptop, smartphone or in browser. Office 365 is compatible with most web browsers, Windows and Macintosh operation systems, Windows Phone, Nokia, Android, iPhone, and Blackberry.

It works with what users already know
It works with what users already know

Users can work with the same familiar tools, Office and Microsoft Outlook, and most service packages include also Office Web Apps, the only cloud application package meant to perfectly work with Office.

Collaboration becomes easy
Collaboration becomes easy

From e-mails and instant messaging up to spontaneous online meetings, people can collaborate better than ever, be it project administration, shared documents or real time communication..

Microsoft Office 365

NOW is more easy to work when you get the new version of Office 2016!

What's new in Office 2016

Why buy Office 365 for Business?

Office 365 provides cloud power productivity towards all dimensions business, saving valuable resources, and making cost and time reductions easier!




Access it from anywhere!

Office helps you work from anywhere on almost any device – PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. Working remote means that you can access from anywhere the information you need in a secure and consistent way. When you are not at the office you can access the Inbox through Outlook Web App, you can visualize and edit documents with Outlook Web App or you can start an online meeting with Lync™ Web App.


Control Keep in control!

Through the Office 365 administration page, your IT department can stay in control. The Patches, updates, and back-end updates are automatically applied, while you control the implementation of the major changes. You can delegate the rights of doing specific administration tasks by using Role-Based Access Controls.

 Benefit from 99,9% availability and financially sustained warranties!

 With Office 365 your e-mail, documents and services are available anytime you need them. Provided by a last generation global data centers network, protected by multiple security levels and a strict confidentiality policy, Office 365 includes a Service Level Agreement financially sustained, which guarantees 99,9% availability.


 Choose high level security for your company!

With Office 365 your data are protected at the highest physical and digital security standards. Microsoft Exchange Online includes anti-spam and antivirus protection meant to fight the newest threats – known or unknown – as they appear. Protect your data through company level reliability, continuous data back-up, recovering abilities in case of disaster, and a strict confidentiality policy. The storage of e-mails on geographical redundant servers, managed by Microsoft 365, is meant to help you fulfill certain regulation requests.


Learning Fill in your learning gaps faster!

Your people are able to become productive at once by using Office familiar tools, which are integrated to Office 365 with a simple installation and configuration.


 Find the right package for your needs!

Office 365 is available in a wide range of packages meant to satisfy your IT and business needs. Each package benefits of the same 99,9% availability warranty, and strong security systems which you expect from Microsoft.


 Allow local or online users work with no interruptions!

Although some users' e- mail boxes are locally stored, and other’s in the cloud, Exchange Online provides a rich coexistence which allow them to function like a unitary and integrated architecture. Facilities as Free/Busy, MailTips information, mail box search, message tracking and archiving are available both local and in cloud users. Therefor the collaboration becomes uninterrupted no matter where the users’ e-mail boxes are located.


  Get 24/7 support!!

Microsoft is proud to provide IT global support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for Office 365 subscribers. Your administrators can make support tickets anytime or they can call any of worldwide support centers..


 Reduce costs and ensure flexibility!

Office 365 can anticipate and provide your business with annual costs from the using of communication tools, collaboration and productivity. It also can help you to significantly reduce the costs, the implementation of the local servers and the administration!



Find out how much money you can save!



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