Security of the IT system ... today?

Security of the information system…today? 

Learn about targeted threats and sophisticated malware attacks. How can we defend? 


We need an integrated architecture for the information system, ready to cope with the attacks, control and automatically report all possible changes and threats. Daily, cyber risks grow and new security systems break through, making the target of such an attack extremely vulnerable and unprepared to prevent or block such an attack. Nowadays, companies need to develop and implement a strong strategy by building an integrated security system that controls the entire network infrastructure to be prepared before, during, or after an attack on the security of the information system. 

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Romania has a high degree of exposure to cyber attacks, through the increased use of internet and mobile devices on the Internet. Your company must be prepared to cope with these increasingly complex attacks.

We have prepared a case study in a Romanian company, from which you can find out how complete the cyber attacks in our country are and how prepared the security systems are to block these attacks. Learn more about the study!

 Case Study from Romania





Develop NOW a healthy and profitable security policy that strengthens your business with services tailored to the security needs of your particular business environment.






You need of?

okSecurity of your infrastructure;


Warn, detect and prevent permanent security threats;

okStrong and under control IT strategy;

okComplex reports and simplified management;

okSecurity services and technical advice at critical time.


We provide support at any time, from planning and configuring security settings to deployment and further development. We can evaluate your existing network, help you migrate to modern technology, or optimize network security performance and security.

BRINEL has implemented many successful strategic projects in partnership with Cisco, as Cisco's Premier Partner in Romania. Cisco is a world-renowned security IT infrastructure leader in Network Access Control (NAC) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) according to the Magic Quadrant Gartner - December 2014.



 What do you need to know when designing an IT architecture that protects your entire organization? Your security system must be based on a Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) solution to permanently monitor and analyze real-time threats and network traffic and be able to defend your organization against targeted attacks and permanent threats of malware.

How to choose the right NGFW security solution?

We propose you the Cisco ASA solution with FirePower


Cisco ASA with FirePOWER services offers multiple layers of protection against numerous cyber attacks in one device. Combining the most effective Intrusion Prevention System with advanced malware protection, you will control VPN security and the ASA firewall as you wish.

Benefits provided by Cisco ASA FirePOWER:

okIntegrated anti-attack protection and dynamic control of the entire infrastructure, before, during  and after an attack;


Visibility and control of users, devices, applications, and content;

okAdvanced malware protection;

okSecure remote access from any device and at all times;

okSecurity policy and automated remediation, easy unified management.


Are you ready to deal with targeted threats and sophisticated malware attacks?