Servers & clusters

Servers & clusters

Servers & clusters

Whether they are physical or virtual machines, integrated in converged or hyper-converged  environments, located in discrete Computing Centers or geographically scattered, servers remain the basic element of any IT architecture/solution.

New servers

The technologically outdated servers represent one of the main factors that are cumbering operational flows within a company. Renewing the server and peripheral equipment fleet from a Data Center is one of the safest methods of streamlining IT processes  and reducing operational costs.

The equipments of new generations have an accessible TCO (total cost of ownership) and the embedded technologies and the available functions provide higher safety regarding the availability and the continuity of the provided services. 

Server consolidation

Server consolidation involves an efficient use of computing resources of these equipments, the optimization of roles and their loading. Therefore, not only the number of servers can be reduced, but also/or the data center locations needed for a safe and efficient functioning of an organization.

Server virtualization is the technology that allows using the physical resources of the servers in a more efficient manner. Virtual machines (servers) have an improved availability, are easily scalable, can be moved between hosts without affecting production and, at the same time, allow an easier restoration (in case of disaster).

HPC systems

In order to answer business requirements, with ever growing expectations regarding data access and processing, more and more companies are opting for HPC (High Performance Computing) high-end computing systems. These equipments are also suited for deploying Private Cloud systems.


Hyper-converged solutions

Hyper-converged infrastructure solutions are gaining more and more ground amid the maturing of IT technologies, the need of processing and storing an ever growing volume of data, but also of reducing the number of managed equipments within an unified administration console. They manage to eliminate the limitations of convergence, allowing a quick adoption of private cloud environments (from the data centers), ensuring a safe, flexible, scalable infrastructure that is easy to deploy and manage.


Solutions provided by BRINEL:                                                   

  • Data Processing Solutions, Consolidation and Optimization of CISC Processor Servers from HPE, CISCO (UCS), DellEMC, Lenovo, or RISC - IBM, Oracle;
  • Virtualization Solutions Based on VMware, MS Hyper-V, Citrix Technologies;
  • HPC (High Performance Computing) solutions - HPE, IBM, Lenovo;
  • Convergence and Hyper-Convergence Infrastructure Solutions, HPE (Simplivity), Lenovo (Nutanix), DellEMC (VxRail, Nutanix).


BRINEL expertise:

  • Infrastructure Analysis and Audit;
  • Sizing and Design Servers;
  • Installing and configuring new equipment (correlated with the migration strategy);
  • Optimizing and Testing Production Flows;
  • Administration of Server Infrastructure (on-site and remote);
  • Intervention on different levels of SLA (Authorized Vendor), Help Desk / Support 24/7.