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Virtualization is a main trend in the world of modern information technologies, whose implementation can significantly improve the quality and the use of IT infrastructure. There are different type of Virtualization solutions - virtualization of servers, workstations, network, storage, or applications.  

The virtualization solution for servers has many advantages:


Cutting cost of acquisition and implementation for new IT projects

Maximizing the existing potential of IT infrastructure and operational flexibility by making physical space more efficient (of data center footprint).

Reduce energy consumption and hardware costs due to the small number of physical servers.

Redundancy - Capacity to move manually or automatically virtual servers between physical machines offers the possibility of a fast recovery from an unfavorable incident as well as business continuity and restoring after a disaster.

Scalability - Adding new virtual machines, fast and efficient, in minutes, unlike the classic model when it take days or weeks.

Testing and development - Efficiency of application delivery through virtualization to reduce costs and increases productivity in development and testing processes.

Server virtualization technology is based on software systems installed on servers / physical machines (also called Bare-metal hypervisor or virtual machine manager) allowing virtualization of any x86 system to use the hardware resources of a physical machine, also ensuring their isolation / separation. Additionally, if these physical machines are reunited in a cluster, they can be easily moved from one physical machine to another, so that the calculation process for critical applications becomes almost non-stop, eliminating downtime almost complete. 

BRINEL together with their technological partners proposes you as a virtualization solutions- Hardware Servers x86 of the latest generation from the most famous producers from the market – HPE, CISCO UCS, DellEMC which will constitute the resources managed by hypervisors from Vmware, Citrix, or Hyper-v. Full integration also involves data protection from virtual environments, but also data recovery in case of disaster - more precisely the solutions from Veeam 


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Infrastructure Analysis and Audit            Architecture dimensioning        Providing the necessary resources, hardware-software configuration       Implementing the virtualization application and making software updates      

Pre-configuration of virtual machines to be installed on the host physical machine           Testing systems (pilot-test environments) on Servers, Storage, Networking