BRINEL has implemented Romania's first Amazon Monitron predictive maintenance solution


Rottaprint is a leading Romanian manufacturer of high-quality printed labels and packaging solutions. They needed a predictive maintenance solution to minimize unplanned downtime, ensure continuous production, and maintain high product quality, all while optimizing the costs and improving operational efficiency. Leveraging BRINEL's expertise, Rottaprint is now benefitting from Romania's first predictive maintenance solution based on the Amazon Monitron service.

480 data points
collected every day

$ 15k saved
on one machine-hour downtime

Easily scalable
growing seamlessly with the business


The opportunities brought by implementing a predictive maintenance solution to a manufacturer like Rottaprint are broad and significant, ranging from reduced downtime and improved operational efficiency, to optimized costs, client satisfaction, and sustainability. Predictive maintenance enables early detection of potential equipment failures and timely interventions, minimizing unplanned downtime, ensuring continuous production, and improving planning and resource allocation. It optimizes maintenance schedules, reduces unnecessary activities and costly repairs, and provides real-time data for informed, proactive decision-making, thereby extending equipment lifespan and saving costs. By maintaining equipment in optimal condition, predictive maintenance ensures consistent product quality and reduces defects, leading to reliable, high-quality production processes, timely deliveries, and high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, early issue identification and resolution extend machinery lifespan, reduce the need for replacements, and contribute to sustainability by minimizing waste, lowering energy consumption, and decreasing emissions.

The technical expertise required to implement and manage predictive maintenance systems is a significant challenge for most companies embarking on such a journey. This technology usually demands specialized skills in data analytics, machine learning, cloud technologies and IoT. Continuous monitoring and fine-tuning of predictive models are essential to maintain their accuracy, demanding ongoing technical resources and expertise.

Cybersecurity also becomes increasingly important, as integrating IoT devices and data analytics systems can heighten the risk of cyber threats, necessitating robust security measures to protect sensitive data.

Another primary challenge a company faces when implementing a predictive maintenance solution is the initial investment required. The cost of acquiring sensors, data analytics software, and the necessary IT infrastructure can be substantial. Additionally, integrating these new systems with existing machinery and IT frameworks can be complex and costly. Efficient data management poses another hurdle, as the volume of data generated by the sensors can be overwhelming. Ensuring high-quality, accurate data is essential for reliable predictive maintenance, necessitating robust data management systems.

“Amazon Monitron has provided us with the necessary data to maintain our production line in optimal condition, and to gain visibility into our processes, allowing us to predict and prevent unplanned equipment downtime.” 

Ciprian Popovici, Head of IT Department, Rottaprint


Leveraging BRINEL's extensive technical expertise, we adeptly tackled the complex challenges associated with implementing predictive maintenance systems. Our team streamlined the setup, management, and seamless integration of essential cloud services, overcoming the aforementioned hurdles in the aspects of the project, including cloud infrastructure, machine learning, and IoT, accelerating the time to production and ensuring rapid deployment and operational readiness.

Cybersecurity is paramount in our approach. We implement even more rigorous security measures to protect sensitive data, on top of already existing ones, especially in light of heightened risks from integrating IoT devices and data analytics systems. Our solutions encompass robust encryption protocols, secure data transmission practices, and proactive monitoring to swiftly detect and address potential vulnerabilities.

Amazon Monitron further complements and facilitates our efforts by offering a straightforward, user-friendly solution for predictive maintenance. Monitron automates data collection and analysis processes and can produce alerts from day one based on the selected ISO standards, ensuring immediate actionable insights. Moreover, Amazon Monitron utilizes continuous learning capabilities to further refine and improve these alerts over time, adapting to changing operational conditions and maximizing predictive accuracy. It integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure, reducing complexity and costs associated with setup and maintenance. Monitron also includes cybersecurity with built-in measures to ensure data integrity and confidentiality, enhancing overall system reliability.

Merging BRINEL’s expertise and Amazon Monitron, we provide a comprehensive solution that addresses the challenges of technical expertise, cybersecurity, initial investment, and efficient data management. This collaborative approach empowers companies like Rottaprint to optimize maintenance strategies effectively, mitigate risks, and achieve sustainable operational efficiency.


Given the success achieved so far, Rottaprint intends to expand its use of Amazon Monitron to its entire production line. The company anticipates that this deployment will foster a cultural shift at its facilities as it implements a predictive maintenance program and furthers its digital transformation, leveraging data and insights to enhance business processes.


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