BRINEL is the new Authorized Apple Reseller in Romania!


We are happy to announce that BRINEL has recently formed a new and far-reaching partnership with APPLE.

Why Apple? The strategic development of the company is closely related to the completion of the portfolio of solutions and services through the development of the partnerships we have with the technology leaders worldwide. The partnership with Apple is here to help us grow the business and to have common goals with our customers. In this way, we can use our know-how in IT infrastructure and services and offer customers added value for Apple products.

„We aim to meet the business needs of our customers and keep pace with a constantly changing market. As mobile devices become indispensable and central elements for the new generations, addressing the mobility services area represents a natural extension of our infrastructure and IT services portfolio. The future of IT is 'mobile,' and we are prepared to embrace this transformation. In the era of hybrid work, which has become the new normal, we offer flexible solutions that allow customers to work from anywhere, combining the physical and virtual work environment” 

Andrei Savin - GM BRINEL

Within the collaboration with Apple, we will offer our clients a diverse range of products:

• Apple accessories;

• Apple Watch;


• iPad, iPhone, iPod.

What it means to be part of the Apple AAR Program (Apple Authorized Reseller):

• We have the ability to facilitate with eligible customers the automated deployment of devices, the acquisition and distribution of applications and content, as well as the creation and management of roles and locations;

• We may provide SaaS or subscription-based services that support licensed products;

• We provide device management solutions for Apple products that support Apple's Mobile Device Management protocol;

• We can offer networking solutions that support Wi-Fi and Apple products.

We aim to further strengthen our competences in the field of cloud services, with value-added services in complex one-off projects or long-term partnerships with leading customers in all sectors of activity.



BRINEL is a leading technology company, providing comprehensive solutions for digital transformation in the hybrid-cloud environment. We offer a wide range of added services, from modern data center solutions to hybrid work solutions, as well as business reinvention services such as cloud services, application modernization, AI/ML, ERP transformation, and cybersecurity.

What sets us apart is our ability to implement complex IT projects and deliver high-value solutions using cutting-edge technologies. We focus on optimizing operations, improving performance, enhancing security, and facilitating future growth, ultimately leading to a profitable ROI for organizations.

With a team of top specialists and strong partnerships with global leaders in the IT field, we are the trusted partner for successful business evolution across multiple industries.

BRINEL is part of the SNEF Group, a global player with over a century of experience and a team of engineers, integrators, and operators specializing in multidisciplinary solutions in the fields of energy, mechanics, and digital technology. We are promoters of the Digital Revolution, Connected Objects, Big Data, Cybernetics, Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, and Mixed Reality.